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Buddy L Toys were originally manufactured by the Moline Pressed Steel Company, started by Fred A.
Lundahl in 1910. The
Buddy L co originally manufactured automobile fenders, hubs & other stamped auto
body parts for the  automobile industry.   The company primarily supplied parts for the McCormack-Deering
line of farm implements and the international harvester company for its trucks Moline Pressed Steel did not
begin manufacturing toys until 1921. Mr Lundhal wanted to make something new, different, and durable for
his son Arthur thus he designed and produced an all-steel miniature truck, reportedly a model of an
International Harvester truck made from 18 and 20 gauge steel which had been discarded to the company's
scrap pile. Today surviving examples are cherished by all
Buddy L made such products as Toy cars, dump
trucks, delivery vans, fire engines, construction equipment, and trains. Fred Lundahl used to manufacture
for International Harvester trucks. He started by making a big toy dump truck out of steel scraps for his son
Buddy Soon after he started selling
Buddy L "toys for boys" made of pressed steel Many were large enough
for a child to straddle, propelling himself with his feet others were pull toys. A true pioneer in the steel-toy
field, Lundahl persuaded Marshall Field's and F. A. O. Schwarz to carry his toy line He did very well until the
Depression, then sold the company.  E-mail the
Buddy L Museum for inquiries and membership
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1921 Buddy L Express
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Fire truck buddy l dump antique toy truck wanted any
Antique Vintage Buddy L Toy Truck Display
1924-1934 Buddy L Fire Truck
Antique black buddy l toy dump truck
with spoke wheels and curved dump
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